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Welcome to the
Leeza's Care Connection Blog! 

With over 20 year of experience of helping create positive new realities for caregivers, we are excited to be launching our official Leeza's Care Connection blog. Welcome to a little library of our knowledge, tips and tricks to help caregivers take back their story. Check out our HUGS Community Facebook Page to continue the conversation.


Leeza's Care Connection

At Leeza’s Care Connection, we are all about helping you learn ways to cope and manage your role as a family caregiver. Think of us as a place for answers, a place to begin the process or to make it better. We are a supportive hug, a safe place to cry, a room for worry and a community of care. We understand that being a caregiver can be both a burden and a blessing, because we are a team of people who have been there. We can hold your hand and help you find answers on the difficult path you must walk NOW. We believe that you can be a warrior for your own health and your diagnosed loved one, through tips, tools and strategies for thriving.

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